Improvising Around The Sun – CD



My second album released in 2012.

“Rebekah’s rapidly making a name for herself as one of the region’s most compelling musical personalities, and her captivating live presence also translates well to disc, which is a definite bonus in this day and age where fickle tastes and superficial attention spans predominate. And what’s more, Rebekah knows how to put together a disc that will stand the test of time, for she has an acute feel for flow and texture and exactly what sounds right for each song….” Full Review

Track Listing

1 Blackbird Song
2 Rhythm of the Sea
3 Lovesome Hill
4 Gray’s Lament
5 Sunshine Layercake
6 The Violin
7 Ten Thousand Miles
8 You’re the One that I Want
9 Billy’s Song
10 Winter’s Sad Refrain
11 Parting Lullaby


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